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START SU 1577 6107


WP1 SU 1041 6154


WP2 SU 1051 6202 79
WP3 SU 1098 6214 25
WP4 SU 1105 6232 284
WP5 SU 1082 6236 20
WP6 SU 1097 6287 19
WP7 SU 1115 6353 61
WP8 SU 1134 6365 52
WP9 SU 1144 6374 84
WP10 SU 1150 6375 117
WP11 SU 1166 6368 84
WP12 SU 1378 6406 165
WP13 SU 1412 6308 168
WP14 SU 1418 6288 210
WP15 SU 1401 6254 185
WP16 SU 1400 6230 184
WP17 SU 1400 6200 170
WP18 SU 1415 6136 104
START SU1 577 6107 -

General :- This 10.5 mile route is split between the easy walking of the Kennet & Avon canal and the downland escarpment between Knap Hill and Gopher wood. Each part is totally different and it's fascinating to view one from the other.

Although the canal (built in 1794-1810) was a main artery from Bristol to London it always had a troubled life, mainly due to lack of water. The giant flight of locks at Devizes consumed vast quantities of water each time a narrow boat went through and it had to be found from somewhere. The Victorians built a huge steam engine at Crofton to provide a head of water and other pumps were dotted along the way to supplement it, but there was never enough and the canal fell into disuse. It's revival is even more remarkable, the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust was formed in the 60's to renovate the waterway. With little cash and mainly volunteer labour this huge undertaking seemed impossible, but they did it. The old troubles of water dogged them until 1996 when they installed a back pumping system that now keeps the canal open throughout the year. A lottery funded project to remedy structural problems is nearing completion and for the first time in its life the canal can look forward to an assured future. Log on to to learn more, but beware, you might get hooked on it, many have and thoroughly enjoyed it too!

The Pewsey white horse and Adam's Grave, an iron age long barrow burial mound, can be seen as you approach Walkers Hill. The section from Knap Hill to Gopher Wood is part of the Tan Hill Way. This path is probably 3,000 years old and you can still see remains of the Neolithic camp on the right soon after leaving the car park. There are clusters of burial mounds throughout this section. Wiltshire is littered with these mounds and most are unexcavated, who can guess what lies beneath? (GPS length 9.51 miles).

How to get there:- Pewsey Wharf car park is situated on the A345 Marlborough to Pewsey road just north of the village @ SU 1577 6107.