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START SU 0995 6958 186
WP1 SU 0995 6954 163
WP2 SU 1041 6837 164
WP3 SU 1046 6815 181
WP4 SU 1051 6776 1
WP3 SU 1046 6815 92
WP5 SU1100 6817 125
WP6 SU1141 6793 184
WP7 SU 1141 6781 122
WP8 SU 1158 6772 94
WP9 SU 1195 6772 350
WP10 SU 1189 6808 7
WP11 SU 1189 6878 330
WP12 SU 1136 6958 230
WP13 SU 1084 6909 326
WP14 SU 1033 6975 329
WP15 SU 1019 6993 260
WP16 SU 1007 6990 205
START SU 0995 6958 -

General:- A circular 5.7 mile, mainly flat, walk through typical Wiltshire downland. Avebury has World Heritage status; there are more Neolithic stone age sites per mile on this route than anywhere else in the world. At the end of the walk you enter the  Avebury stone circle via the Avenue of Stones, a processional way used by the original builders of the circle. The paths you walk are over 5,000 years old, that's older than the pyramids! The circle its self is much larger and older than Stonehenge but sadly nobody is sure why it was built. Its this air of mystery that attracts the visitors, legend says the stones have power and are warm to the touch; so if you touch a stone ask yourself why you did it!

The route passes Silbury Hill (sadly you cannot go up it) the largest manmade hill in Europe. Nobody knows why it was built; the archaeological digs have been both disastrous and very expensive failures, ruining reputations in the process.

West Kennett Long Barrow is a 5,500 year old burial mound. You can go inside it and in my view its loaded with atmosphere. The last third of the walk runs along the ancient Ridgeway runs path; now a national long distance trail. It takes you past The Sanctuary and various burial mounds, whilst not as spectacular as Avebury they add to the flavour.

The Red Lion pub is in Avebury, at the end of the walk; There is no mystery why this was built!

How to get there:-From Swindon take the A4361 through Broad Hinton and Winterbourne Monkton to a right hand junction junction with the B4003 soon after the Red Lion pub SU 1023 6982. Turn right and follow signs to Avebury car park on the right @ SU 0996 6958.  

From A4 Calne to Marlborough road. Turn off A4 at Beckhampton roundabout @ SU 0871 6890. Take the A4361 towards Wroughton. Soon after  Avebury Trusloe at SU 0996 6958 turn left into the Avebury car park.