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START ST 8458 7771 218
WP1 ST 8445 7754 245
WP2 ST 8404 7731  324
WP3 ST 8378 7760  267
WP4 ST 8336 7754 245
WP5 ST 8296 7732  158
WP6 ST 8334 7665  135
WP7 ST 8396 7611 171
WP8 ST 8408 7557  163
WP9 ST 8419 7538  168
WP10 ST 8424 7485 95
WP11 ST 8462 7485  35
WP12 ST 8508 7571 323
WP13 ST 8407 7684 19
WP1 ST 8445 7754  43
START ST 8458 7771  -

General :- A 6 mile circular walk that's one of the prettiest in Wiltshire. There are charming villages, good views, and a stream trickling alongside a woodland path path for much of the way. One steep climb and pubs at the halfway and finish points.

Castle Combe:- There was a castle built on the high ground above the golf course but as the need for defence declined the castle was demolished and the stone used for the village houses.Castle Combe grew prosperous weaving high quality wool. The Blanquet brothers had perfected a thick red cloth regarded as some of the finest in Europe. It's still seen today on  guardsmen's tunics outside Buckingham Palace and the name "blanket" survives too. The village is a good example of the self contained "Cottage Industry", if you look at the house names you can see a court house, reading room (library), school, etc and the market cross in the centre of the village was used to trade wool. Life was well organised and good, what could possibly go wrong? Steam power heralded the "Industrial Revolution". Soon massive factories with large automatic weaving machines were built close to the coal mines to provide fuel for the engines. In terms of productivity it was a massive leap forward and Castle Combe could not compete, almost overnight the village died. It lay in a cocoon, nothing happened until the early 1950's when a blossoming tourist industry re-discovered it's charm. 

How to get there:- A420 out of Chippenham towards Bristol. At ST 883 749 turn R on B4039 to Castle Combe. Go through Yatton Keynell, sharp right bend @ ST 848 773. At ST 846 778 turn L to visitors car park 100mtrs on R.